Trusham School Logs

The 1870 Education Act required that children aged 5 to 10 should be in education unless they were exempt due to distance to school, employment or sickness or if "standards" had been met. Later the exemptions were withdrawn. In 1893 the leaving age was raised to 11 years. By 1918 it was 14 in 1947 it rose to 15 and finally in 1973 it became 16.


Head teachers had to make regular records of the life of the school regarding progress, new staff and other major events. In the Trusham logs, the detail decreases with time, but  there are  interesting references to the local area, the curriculum, inspections, pupils and school events. There are no references to national matters including deaths of monarchs or war even when relatives of pupils were killed or injured.


The links below will open the school log for the specified years as a pdf in a new window. 

1879-1889                      Log index of names

1890-1899                      Log index of names






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